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Rack-Rewards Terms of Use

By using the Rack-Rewards system you agree to the following terms

Please note that these terms can be changed at any time without notifying the end-user

  • You are a contractor and not a physical or online wholesaler / distributor
  • You yourself have purchased the rack-a-tiers product that has the associated rack-rewards sticker on it
  • That the code under the scratch-off label of the product is yours to redeem and was either included on the packaging that came with the item you purchased, or you have express permission from the person whome gifted the unscratched reward label to you
  • The rack-a-tiers staff have the final say in all redemptions and orders that take place
  • If you are found manipulating the system, you will have all of your points set to zero ( 0 ) and your "Gangster" rank revoked

Buy more, earn more.

When you purchase certain Rack-A-Tiers, the more Volts you earn. Use Volts to get awesome rewards like free products and electronics!